Monday, March 17, 2008

Power Rangers

My sons are really into Power Rangers. So are all their friends. They love to dress up as them and play for hours with their action figures. My oldest son had a friend over the other day. They were playing Power Rangers as usual and his friend Jack told me that his mother was a Power Ranger. I must have been cranky because I told him that his mom was not a Power Ranger. He argued with me for a little bit and then gave up trying to convince me. Later when I talking to his mom I felt bad about bursting her super hero bubble. But then we came up with an even better idea. She told Jack that the reason I said she wasn't a Power Ranger was because I was one also. I hadn't told my boys yet and that was why I denying her super heroness (new word - watch out Websters). I said that what would really seal the deal would be for us to superimpose our heads on a couple of Power Ranger bodies. And then when she is on the computer with her son she could "accidentally" open the picture and then quickly close it with an "Oops - you weren't suppose to see that". I love messing with our kids. And I don't think it is any worse than Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. Good clean fun - again check back with me in a couple years to see if I really messed them up.

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