Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Silence is deadly

You know the old saying "Silence is Golden"? The people who coined this phrase obviously did not have young kids. Any mom will tell you that if it is too quiet the kids must be up to something. I got a call the other day from one of my friends and she was ready to kill her children. She had been busy in the kitchen when she realized she hadn't heard from her kids in awhile. When she went to investigate she found her 5 year old twins in the bathroom covered with baby powder and maxi-pads. To make matters worse they had made a feeble attempt to clean up after themselves with wet toilet paper. So now the baby powder had taken on a paste consistency. As I was speaking to her she was peeling the maxi-pads off her kids. She said this was similar to taking off giant band-aids and the kids were yelping in the background. My first response was, "Did you take a picture?". This didn't sit well with her and she said that she was too mad to take a picture. I sympathized with her - I wouldn't have thought to grab the camera if my kids had done this. When you are in the heat of the moment all you want to do is punish and clean up. But this story was too funny and pictures would have been great for blackmail purposes when her kids were teenagers. I'm always thinking ahead!

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turboteam said...

The only time I went to bed without supper was after I'd powdered my napping sister and her whole bedroom...brand new parquet floors and all.

Until now I never really saw what the big deal was.